Tis Like Waking on a Farm

You sound so good, my Cottonwood,

When waking in the morn,

With birds to spare, so debonair,

So sweetly songs adorn,

And sunrise peaks, through windows’ creeks,

As Nature gives her yawn,

Atop the day, where life just may,

Awaken spirit’s dawn,

Where trees it seems, do flaunt their dreams,

While reaching to the sky,

And insects gleam, incessantly,

On water, land, or fly,

And horses roam, through fields unknown,

As sun does ride on high,

And cows that moo, so sweetly do,

Arrest my child-like mind,

And if this be, the land of dreams,

Where Nature sings her song,

I wake with thee, in company,

With music in furlong,

Between my ears, when waking dear,

On several times of past,

I have no fear, that perhaps so near,

The artist comes alas,

Where peaceful ways, and peaceful days,

Make promises so sweet,

Of future tales, inspiring scales,

Within fo'rest retreat. 

© Chamel Raghu