Chamel Lin Raghu

b. 1978, Cincinnati, Ohio

1982, Odessa, Texas

2002, University of Texas at Austin

Present - Austin, Texas

Biography by Jen Nordhauser,  University of Texas at Austin


It has been over a decade since anyone has heard a peep from Austin artist Chamel Raghu.

Hailed by a Harvard Art Review as a prodigy (Hoffman), then dubbed "woefully unproductive," Chamel Raghu has generated an air of mystery about himself.

As he worked to establish an artistic legacy of experimentation and social awareness at his own pace, publications such as The UK's Frank Magazine (touted by The Guardian & The Times) would write:

"One of the few things that enables those cloistered in The Frank Organisation to emerge from their spartan beds in the morning is the rare chance of discovering art or artists that are any good. And one such artist is Odessa's Chamel Raghu."

Although an accomplished poet and painter, Raghu avoids considering himself an artist, preferring that judgment to come from his audience when he exhibits his work.



Exhibitions & Honors

Guest Artist for VoyagerFest Austin 2016

Exhibition: "The Ubiquity of War" Raw Artists "Reveal" Showcase Austin 2016

"The Rebirth of Asia" Mentioned in AustinCurrent, MFA Digest as Painting of the Century

Exhibition: "The Rebirth of Asia" Austin Studio Art Exhibition 2016



The Rebirth of Asia

From "Chamel Raghu’s Angle"  Wade, Kim. Rocasvida, 2016


As I entered the studio of white–white walls, white marble tile, white leather couches, with Raghu in a white, linen shirt…my eyes could see one and only one thing. Slightly beyond the canvassed entry of white design, stood a 9’x 9.5’ oil on white canvas painting named “The Rebirth of Asia.” 

As a fellow painter, I was immediately struck by the vibrant blend of colors and astute geometric designs. Alas, Behold! “The Rebirth of Asia” –Raghu’s most recent, yet long awaited and controversial piece. As in… six years in the making long awaited.

Speculation has surrounded Raghu and his productivity.“The Rebirth of Asia” has gained some major attention, being considered the “Painting of the Century” according to some reviews.

Yet, other sources have labeled Raghu “lazy or woefully unproductive..."