Once a Home

Once a home, always a home,

Remember these few words,

Once ashore, and fluttering forth,

Like homebound seaborne bird,

A home may be, where you have seen,

The people sitting near,

A home may be, where you won't see,

Such people once again,

Your home could be a far off place,

Without a hint of past,

Your home could be the land you seek,

Creating future's past,

Your home may be of shining land

With languages unseen,

And like the seed which finds the earth,

Your home begins again,

May sun do shine upon these lands

Of which are now unseen,

May hearts be kind like lands

Of old embracing newborn sheen,

May wayward bird find gentle winds

Upon the journey's back,

And back to shore and ever more

May bird find journies back.

Chamel Raghu