Ode to Death

You have taken, you have scorned,

You have given and forewarned,

That the beginning’s just the end,

For tomorrow’s sorrow’s friend,

That our spirit’s all ablaze,

Lasting o’er cosmic rays,

Through and through all nature’s voice,

Spinning sweetly through the void,

That discretely hints at love,

Twisting spirits far above,

All the wonder eyes can see,

Does no wonder greater be,

Than the fabric of the soul,

Hidden barely ne’th the knoll,

Of the valleys in the sky,

Where the twisting you and I,

Lay forever intertwined,

Intermingling through the vines,

That recoil between our souls,

Where who only Nature knows,

When we’ll see each o’er again,

Cosmic sailors on the mend,

Charting ever Nature’s course,

Flowing deeper through the source,

Of the purest of the being,

Where forever shines in sheen,

Our good spirits be so blessed,

To be given godly death. 

© Chamel Raghu