If Light Should Fall Upon a Face - A Thousand Ships

If light should fall upon a face,

Let it shine without a trace,

Upon a girl whoís sight is seen,

Before a boy who dwells in dream,

Of girl so right, it rights the rain,

And beckons sun to come again,

And see this view, that I can see,

That from the heavens angels peek,

And gasp above at someone sent,

Beyond the call of beautyís rent,

For though her face does light the way,

Her body shimmers when it sways,

And lower still her beauty rides,

Upon her gilded curves collide,

My eyes upon the form of gold,

Locked in humanís perfect mold,

Yet further still inside we find,

More perhaps, to tempt the mind, Ďfor

Beyond her face her beauty lies,

Behind those supple, splendid eyes,

Lies a girl that may be true,

Truer than the me or you,

True to life, and thatís no sin,

Yet til that day I say with grin,

A face may launch a thousand ships,

A million more, in name of Liz.

© Chamel Raghu