Europa Interloper

On the bright side of my head,

Where the blue reigns purple dreams instead,

Up and down the waterfall laden sky,

Fuming greens that part my heavenís eye,

And without warning we meet again,

Running deeply within my brain and then,

Like a spark blown fuse twisting synaptic smile,

With heavens guiding our sunblown ways aímile,

Like sunburst clouds that scream slowly silent green,

Where fuchsia garden sprouts simply bíneath my queen,

Where two meet somewhere past the beaten sunlit path,

Unknown and unknown go spinning softly through the mass,

Until they spark like industrial firework glow,

Up down where no neutron dares to go,

Shine quarks we share just you and me,

Only imagine where only we can be,

In that fleeting ounce of sparse-lit time,

That shone through quarkly saintly vines,

That last the nymph we dare to be,

Til gone is you and we and me.

© Chamel Raghu