After Ecstacy, Above Heaven

After all and all the after,

One must wonder just how far?

Man can travel through the rafters,

Ever upwards through the stars,

Sensation ringing bells alive,

Tossing wonders as we seek,

Flittering golden senses blunder,

In our highest heavenís peak,

But do we know just where thereafter,

Thoughts go sailing when we sleep?

Up beyond our senseís laughter,

Past the knowledge that we seek,

And in this senseless realm we trundle,

Stumbling fools into the sea,

Whereby colors neír been mentioned,

Paint the walls of ecstacy,

Upward still we dare to stumble,

Without knowledge of this sea,

Rising higher Higher after!

Places born in minds only,

Higher still and then therafter,

In that land of brains of men,

I will find you stumbling after,

Trip we fall, above Heaven.

© Chamel Raghu