Who's Chamel?

Chamel? Who's Chamel?! A girl's name it must be,

But whomever this mystery person is, I'm sure it isn't me,

But while we're on the subject, and subject yes is he,

Who praytell is this one who receives the Jamie's glee?

Perhaps a sailor like Ishmael whoís leg is in a whale?

Or is he garden lizzard, a chameleon with tail?

Does he gulp and slobber like the desert camel does?

Or is he just a number, Chanelís big No. 1?

Ofcourse heís not because Iím sure he doesnít smell so sweet,

From what Iíve heard a camelís musk is not a ladyís treat,

So then this mystery person must be someone that you know,

A pity for a girl to write to he who doesnít show,

His feelings for another, like only Poett can,

For paintings are so boring, and laborous to hand,

And drawings leave me sighing, with thoughts of pencil woes,

A waste of godly etchings, when words could come to flow,

But you wrote just now to painter, Iíll let it go this time,

But tell me little porpoise, does he know to rhyme?

Or does he have the wit, that only writers do?

Somewhat of a smart-ass, akin to me and you?

And is he half as dashing, as only Anon is?

And is he even pretty? Like poett surely isÖ

Iíll leave you with these questions, and beg for your reply,

But remember Saucy friend, write to the right guyÖ

> Anon

© Chamel Raghu