Snake Around My Heart

Gasp at the asp that has coiled from within,

The serpent, the secret that borders all sin,


By hunting and slurping my beating still heart,

I walk as if zombie in need of new start,


And bludgeon this beast who lives from inside,

Slithering and snickering with something to hide,


Around every turn as tongue lashes forth,

Lying in secret its tales are its sport,


And tail tells two stories for every one told.

Neither is fact, fiction is gold,


And truth is a fairytale long since days past,

Forever forgotten, how'ever could it last?


For truth never surfaced upon this sick beast,

Always in hiding, the truth was diseased,


But through light of day may sickness now pass,

The snake and its tongue have weakened, alas,


Its grip on my heart that slowly beats true,

Not for the snake which signifies you,


But for any woman who tells not a lie,

I give this girl everything til day that I die.

Chamel Raghu