As Soft as a Kiss

How ever could I miss, as soft as a kiss,

My fingers go something astray,


And into your mind, inside us we find,

The heart that was lurking away,


Deep inside the soul, yet deeper some more,

I find lights of eyes from within,


And sparkle it seems, the glimpse of a dream,

That brings me returning again,


Much further this time, I feel only crime,

Is having not done this before,


And this is just that, as simple as pat,

The lips that go locking once more,


And soft as the kiss, forever I miss,

I slip so simply upon,


Your body and sheen, that flowers my dreams,

As brain turns so steadily on,


But heart is all soul, the one that we know,

When striking our bodies intact,


'Doth take over all, brain and biology fall,

To ____ which keeps bringing me back.

Chamel Raghu